Why ApeSafe

ApeSafe native audit will bridge the gap between flawed “rug checker” contract algorithms and expensive, time consuming formal audits.

By the time necessary assurance/audit is sought, most of these new launches have already significantly grown, leading investors to miss out on large gains to their portfolios.

We want to provide a service that will allow investors to buy in early, but without the risk of scams that, until now, inevitably came with such early investments.

Ultra low-cap meme tokens are usually not audited, but assurance to investors is still important. At the core of ApeSafe is a real human team of solidity experts who will manually check each contract for fraudulent or malicious features.

As ApeSafe grows, our community and team aim to become the gold standard in assurance and safety of new, ultra-low cap tokens.


  • Our team of auditors will analyse contracts: pre, during and post launch, in a way that only humans can - to provide more safety for investors than automated algorithms
  • Liquid Venture Capital - ApeSafe will fund liquidity and other costs for upcoming tokens deemed to meet our standard, receive a return, and distribute this reward to holders
  • The ApeSafe Launchpad will be the hub for our partner developers to learn how to develop, launch, market and grow their projects, with ApeSafe holders having the first opportunity to learn, and invest in these.


ApeSafe will be the second token in the Ape Stax ecosystem. ApeSafe will provide features dedicated to ensuring safe, fair and fruitful launches. We will work with developers and holders/investors to facilitate the launch, auditing and marketing of ultra-low market capitalisation tokens - initially on the ERC-20 network with the goal of future expansion to BSC network and beyond.



USDC Dividends

For every buy, 3.3% will be distributed to holders and for every sell, 5% will be distributed to holders. Holders can view and withdraw their rewards here


The Banana Reserve will accumulate on every transaction and will perform buybacks across both tokens in our ecosystem, Ape Stax and ApeSafe
Low fees

Low fees

  • A 10% fee will apply on buys split between 3.3% buyback, 3.4% marketing, 3.3% USDC reflection to holders
  • A 12% fee will apply on sells split between 3.5% buyback, 4% marketing, 5% USDC reflection to holders.
Transfer Dynamics

Transfer Dynamics

  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000 (1 Trillion)
  • Initial buy limit of 1% total supply (10000000000 tokens) for 10 minutes
  • 10 second cooldown between transfers for buys.
  • 30 second cooldown between for sells and for wallet to wallet transfers.

APE SAFE Jungle Path

Stage 1
The Forest Clearing
  • UniSwap launch
  • 1000 holders
  • CoinGecko listing
  • Audit and assist in the launch of 5 tokens
Stage 2
Into the Woods
  • 5000 holders
  • CoinMarketCap Listing
  • ApeSafe BSC Bridge
  • 30 fully audited partner tokens
  • ApeSafe Liquid Venture Capital (LVC) Fund
Stage 3
Through the Treetops
  • 20,000 holders across entire ecosystem
  • CrossChain capability (KCS, MATIC)
  • UniSwap V3 migration
  • Advanced liquidity provision for holders

Contact Us

Are you a developer or auditor interested in working with ApeSafe? Or have an amazing idea for a project that you’d like to chat to us about? Enter your details below and we’ll be in touch!